My Five Favourite Cookbooks

Here in Melbourne town it’s a wee bit chilly, and by a wee, I mean a lot. I’m cold. This cold produces extra hunger pangs that need filling, which means comfort food. Lovely, delicious comfort food. If you haven’t already figured it out, I’m quite a fan of food. All food. This passion, lust, beyond normal love […]

Two Crazy Beagles in Melbourne

I’d just like to put out a disclaimer that I’m not crazy, I just really love my puppies. Back in the Weebly days I had a post introducing my two crazy beagle mutts. Now it’s gone and I feel there is a lack of cute puppy pictures on the blog. This must be rectified. Immediately. […]

Melbourne city in $20

A weekend or two ago (I’m terrible with time), my husby had an old school friend here from Canberra. He stayed with us for a couple of nights and Ella (the dog) fell madly (read: obsessively) in love with him. Saturday, we had delicious food at The Public Brewery (you can read about that here..). […]

The Public Brewery – Inner city Melbourne cafes, on the outer (Croydon)

Good morning!! of after noon.. we’ll see when I actually put this up 🙂 Today’s edition of Melbourne inner city cafes, on the outer, is brought to you by The Public Brewery. The hunger inside of me meant I didn’t take photos of the food, and I’m all amounts of sorry. However, this place was […]

Inner city Melbourne cafes, on the outer

I have a new idea that I would like to trial, here’s hoping it you will like it. Here’s hoping I will like it! 🙂 For 2 – 3 years I lived in an inner city suburb, Northcote, one street away from High St – the street of delicious hipster cafe dreams. Now I live […]


Welcome to the new

  Welcome to the new It’s Matilde (that’s me!) blog. I’ve transferred over from Weebly to, so I’ve lost all my old posts and unless I can figure out how to get them all back, I’ll start posting them over the coming weeks (if they’re still relevant). Hope you like it!! Matilde x