Stream of consciousness

I haven’t been around for a while.. I get into this weird little spiral of “I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks.. now I feel weird.. yeah imma just ignore it.. that’ll make me feel better about myself”.. ever have those? No? Just me? Okay. A little bit of stream of consciousness for ya.

I would like to say that after this post I am going to make a conscious effort to post at least once a week, or once a fortnight, but as soon as I put times on it, I lose motivation. As soon as I say I’m going to make an effort, and I drop the ball, I freak out into that little spiral I mentioned above. So I won’t. I won’t promise anything to you. I will promise to myself that it’s not such a big deal to not post. Who’s reading this anyway? I’m just typing to myself and the random internet spam bots who sometimes post comments on my blog posts. They are quite profound for not-real comments. Sometimes they come close to relating to the theme of the post.

The above is something that happens a lot in real life. A lot, a lot. Bill overdue? Looks like I can’t afford it.. Late fees? Oh nuh, they’ll be right. I’ll just ignore it because dealing with it is too much and I don’t want to make those around me mad. I play the ‘it’s cool, I’m dealing with it’ card all too often.

So, yep, that’s my positive happy – don’t worry guys (and by guys I mean no one – who’s even reading this? ahaha, imma go back to my Pokemon Go game now) post. I’ll see what I can do.

Maybe I need to calm down about having the only images I post be those that I’ve taken myself, maybe it’s alright to use stock images.. It’s not. I don’t like to be unoriginal.

Talk soon!! 🙂


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