Blackberry Adventures

Wild Blackberry Adventures |


It has been said that blackberries are the key to living a longer life (no it hasn’t, I made that up), and what a perfect reason to go on a couple of wee blackberry adventures. Risking perfectly good skin, reliving scars from blackberries past, we ventured to the reserve near our little house and picked some of the most delicious blackberries in all the land.

It was decided quickly they needed to be incorporated in everything. Scones, pancakes, lemonade.. We drank the lemonade pretty quickly, hence the no photos but trust me, chuck some blackberries in with a bit of caster sugar, then mix it up with some lemonade Рyou have the most delightfully fresh looking (and totally delicious) blackberry lemonade mocktail ever.

And, for the easiest pancakes this side of town? A squished up banana, couple of tablespoons of coconut flour and an egg, mixed and fried in some coconut oil. YUMMO!





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