Easy Pinterest DIY’s

First things first, I definitely did not come up with these ideas, but I feel like I totally nailed them!

Linked below are the three DIY’s I found (Thanks Pinterest!)

Cute gold edged clay bowls

Faceted Clay Tealight Holders

The most adorable DIY Pineapple Air Plant holders

And here are my final results




One day I’ll get a real camera, and these photos will be stunning (and maybe I’ll learn some more skills…), but until then, my iPhone it is!

Some quick tips:

  • Don’t get too precious about the edges on the bowl, in fact, the more ‘rustic’ the better!!
  • The grooves on the ‘criss-cross’ pineapple, for some reason, were a wee bit difficult for my poor brain. It’s not much of a tip, but just go for it. The more I focused, the more I created a weird looking excel spreadsheet.
  • Use greaseproof paper when drying, alfoil can be a bit difficult at times
  • Definitely give yourself a bit of extra room for the tealight hole. I popped a normal tea light in there, what I didn’t take into consideration was the fact that when clay dries, it shrinks. They still work, but they could sit a little nicer.

It’s not so much a resolution, but a general goal, that I will upgrade my craft skills (and photography skils, let’s be honest!) this year. I want to do more DIY’s and this was the perfect kick off. If you give it a go, shout out! I’d love to see them 🙂

Matilde x

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