A Year of Books

Thanks Mr. Zuckerberg. What an awesome idea! A year of books. A totally doable goal for 2016.

I read kinda slow, and in all honesty, in this past year I think I read maybe 5 – 6 books? It’s just not something on my radar. No, it’s not even that.. It’s that I like visual entertainment. I like watching cooking and renovation shows, comedians being idiots, photos of beautiful things that other people see. I don’t spend nearly enough time reading books, and you know what? After I read a book or two, I totally feel smarter. My vocabulary expands. My attention to details becomes finer. Little things.. maybe I’m not really getting smarter, but I start to look and sound it to other people (and to me).

Starting from the moment this blog post goes live, I vow to read a book every two weeks. That’s approximately 25 – 26 full books over a year. I can do that. Yeah! A Year of Books! That’s not impossible, right? I’ll do an update occasionally with what I’ve read, nothing too boring. Just a “quick photo, here’s the names, I liked this one” kinda post.

A Year of Books | Itsmatilde.net

To start the year, I’ve had a rummage through my collection and have come across “The Inheritors” by William Golding. It’s an old looking book, pages yellowed, couple of bends in the cover – it looks loved. I think I may have gotten it as a part of a giant bulk book buy, 4 or so years ago. My favourite series of all time is The Earth’s Children by Jean M. Auel. I’m still grieving over that series end. This Inheritors book has a Earth’s Children’s vibe to it. I’m all in.

Side note.. how could I not get a close up of this adorable idiot?

A Year of Books | Itsmatilde.net

Here goes nothing I ‘spose.

Wish me luck! 😀

Matilde x

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