The Daily Commute – Spotify Playlist

“Nooooo” said everyone ever who had to wake up early against their will and then had the realisation that their morning commute was in their immediate future. Or maybe it was just that they had to go to work, and it was Monday. I dunno. Maybe it’s just me, and the fact that it takes me an hour door-to-door.

Every morning I wake up at an ungodly hour (5:30am, fyi), struggle to find my phone to turn off the damn alarm, cry internally for a little moment, curse husby for getting an extra half hour sleep before the dogs wake up then shuffle off to the shower to wash my fringe (and my person, fyi).

Then it beings, the hour commute. Park Larry (the car, fyi) and toddle off to my platform. I’m always early, (because I’m just that kind of girl) which allows me the time to prepare my daily commute routine. I have a spot on the platform I stand at each morning (second carriage, third door, fyi), give a smile to the girl who has the same routine as me, pull out my headphones, mess around with the tangled cord (I have a case, but let’s be honest… I don’t use it) and open Spotify, my favourite app on my phone after Instagram (MMMMatilde, fyi).

Now I don’t know about you, but I have certain requirements in my commuting music. It has to have a good beat, something that can drain out the sound of the other commuters snotty sniffly noses (with diseases I am destined to catch), and most importantly, doesn’t put me into a state of depression. I need happy music, but not like ‘wanker happy’, just feel good happy. It’s taken me quite some time to curate this playlist, and I feel the need to share it with others that might have similar morning, and daily commute needs as me.

In all honesty, I feel this playlist could be just as relevant in the afternoon as it is in the morning, especially the song Freedom by Pharrell (he just gets me, yanno?). And can we just talk about the relevance of Bills (by Lunchmoney Lewis)? I mean, if for no other reason, this song reminds me why I’m here. And please, shuffle all you want, but listen to Jason Mraz telling you you’re beautiful. He has my heart, my whole human, Jason, if you’re reading this and reconsidering your recent marriage to your beautiful anonymous wife, my husby doesn’t need to know. We can run away together (I’m not crazy, fyi).

Enjoy my daily commute playlist friends! Link your favourite playlist below if you have one. I’m always looking for new music.

Matilde x

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