Stream of consciousness

I haven’t been around for a while.. I get into this weird little spiral of “I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks.. now I feel weird.. yeah imma just ignore it.. that’ll make me feel better about myself”.. ever have those? No? Just me? Okay. A little bit of stream of consciousness for ya. […]

Easy Pinterest DIY’s

First things first, I definitely did not come up with these ideas, but I feel like I totally nailed them! Linked below are the three DIY’s I found (Thanks Pinterest!) Cute gold edged clay bowls Faceted Clay Tealight Holders The most adorable DIY Pineapple Air Plant holders And here are my final results One day […]

A Year of Books

Thanks Mr. Zuckerberg. What an awesome idea! A year of books. A totally doable goal for 2016. I read kinda slow, and in all honesty, in this past year I think I read maybe 5 – 6 books? It’s just not something on my radar. No, it’s not even that.. It’s that I like visual entertainment. […]

Free weekly meal planner and shopping list

Husby has finally seen the light and is willing to help me with my great plans to try and start prepping more of our meals in advance (cause money and portions and things). It’s only taken me 6 years, but we’re finally on the same page. In a moment of procrastination, I decided to create my […]

Oi! Where have ya been?

I know.. I know. I’m sorry. I’m back. Sort of. I have some posts that I want to put up – they’ll be around soon. For now, appreciate this photo I took whilst in Bali. (ps. I went to Bali!) Keep your eyes peeled, all my trillion blog followers  (HAH!). Matilde x

Exploring Alfred Nicholas Gardens

I’m a sucker for a lush rainforest. I’m drawn in by the green, the air, the windy roads (as long as I’m driving!) and the away-ness from real life stresses it presents. Victoria does that for me, it has the gorgeous nature I survive on (and the food). The day started with lunch, because all […]